Timelines of Science

Timelines of Science

Title: Timelines of Science
Author: DK
Release: 2013-09-16
Kind: ebook
Genre: History, Books, Science & Nature, Reference, Professional & Technical, Engineering
File Size Bytes: 198944312
Price: 14.99 USD
From the wheel to the worldwide web, our planet has been transformed by science.

Now you can travel through time to experience centuries of invention and innovation on this spectacular visual voyage of discovery.

Starting in ancient times and ending up in the modern world, you'll explore scientific history showcased in stunning images and captivating text. An easy-to-follow illustrated timeline runs throughout the ebook, keeping you informed of big breakthroughs and key developments. Get to grips with revolutionary ideas like measuring time or check out amazing artifacts like flying machines. Great geniuses, including Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, and Charles Darwin are introduced alongside their most important ideas and inventions, all shown in glorious detail.

Hundreds of pages of history are covered in Timelines of Science, with global coverage of scientific advances. Whether you're joining in with eureka moments, inspecting engines, or learning about evolution, all aspects of science are covered from the past, present, and future.

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